CLEAVAGE rejuvenation

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The skin in the cleavage area is often exposed to sunlight and in a significant way throughout our life. Therefore, an aging cleavage is a very common reason for consulting.

In general, the problem needs to be fully defined in order to propose the most effective solutions. If it is a problem of redness or brown spots, the solution will be a series of treatments using pulsed light (BBL by Sciton).

More frequently, patients will present also with slackness of the tissues at the cleavage, which becomes significant when it also comes with wrinkles due to the sleeping position. In this case, the skin has lost thickness and wrinkles start to develop. In this case the skin will be treated like the skin of the face would be. Our expertise will allow us to suggest the best tools for your condition.

The following techniques are often used alone or combined :

  • BBL SCITON pulsed light
  • TRUSCULPT by Cutera
  • VENUS VIVA with or without MESOPLUS
  • LASER CO2 with or without MESOPLUS
  • RF PIXEL with or without MESOPLUS

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