HAND rejuvenation

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You frequently hear people say that our neck and/or our hands give away our age. Hands may be marked or even very thin and it is totally possible to treat them, you just need to remember to do it.

The first thing which can be seen on your hands are brown spots from exposure to the sun. It is often appropriate to remove these using pulsated light. Usually a single treatment suffices. For more information on PULSATED LIGHT, click here.

Then it is vital to look at the volume of the hand area. As we age, our hands become more sunken. The tendons of the extenders of the hand are more visible, as are the veins. It is possible to correct these issues using filler agents and/or technology.

The technology which is available for hands is the same as that available for the face. But we often recommend the following technologies :

  • Accent Prime
  • Roller Pixel RF
  • Venus Viva
  • Laser CO2 focused
  • Impact (ultrasounds)

When the use of  filler agents is required, the Radiesse is often used. We can also use the Dermaskin MESOPLUS.

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