Keeping ROSACEA under control

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Acne Rosacea is a chronic condition which can be very difficult for people who suffer of it. If untreated, acne rosacea can ultimately lead to permanent inflammation and distortion of the skin, which if it occurs in the nose area is commonly referred to as ‘Brandy Nose’. So, it is important to contain this condition, even though it is not possible to eradicate it.

Acne rosacea is a totally different condition to juvenile acne. It can appear in many different sub-types which may be isolated or combined.

To contain or ease acne rosacea, you can use topical antibiotics or even systemic antibiotics (during flare-ups). Creams may also be prescribed. Broad band light treatment is a tool which is particularly useful, as it enables the inflamed area and redness to be treated and helps sterilize the skin. Pulsed light is usually used between one and four times per year. A series of treatments may be required at the start of treating a severe case of acne rosacea.

And finally, we need to consider that the phymatous appearance in the nose area or any other area can be treated using technology. Now it is totally possible to reduce nose size and the hypertrophic appearance using technology like the Trusculpt by Cutera, the Accent Prime by Alma Laser and the Ulthera.

Erythematotelangiectactic rosacea (ETR)

This condition appears as flushed skin on the face and redness in the middle part of the face. With time, tiny vessels will become visible on the skin.


Papulopustular rosacea

This condition presents symptoms of red patches in the center of the face, with red bumps and spots which come and go. In time, the vessels will be visible on the skin.


Rhinophyma rosacea

This is the result of several years of active acne rosacea. The inflammation causes thickening of the skin and the vessels become visible. This condition affects men more than women and usually occurs on the nose. But the chin, forehead, cheeks and ears may also be affected.


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