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Cellulite is a very common reason that people come to see us. Managing expectations in this specific area is vital, because under the heading of ‘cellulite’ a whole range of conditions exist, and they are not all treated the same way.

Let’s start with our young patients, who ONLY have ‘hard’ or ‘fibrous’ cellulite, with very rigid cushions…

In this case, we are dealing with fibrous attachments which link the skin to the underlying structures. These cases do not make up the majority of our consultations. Cases of fibrous cellulite alone always affect young patients with good skin tone. Technology like Cellfina may be used, but this is not technology which Dermaskin is using, given the small number of patients concerned.



Other cases of cellulite may consist in a combination of fibrous cellulite and cellulite resulting from a loss of skin tone (or so-called ‘soft’ cellulite), or even ‘soft’ cellulite alone.

Cases of mixed cellulite (soft and fibrous), or soft cellulite make up the vast majority of our consultations. These cases will benefit from technology which heats the skin, in order to restore thickness and elasticity. In these cases, we need to decide to which depth we should heat the skin, because the older more aging the skin gets, the deeper we need to apply heat in order to improve the skins thickness and appearance. In fact, the ‘cracked’ appearance of the skin or the dips on its surface, require both deep and shallow treatment of the skin area.

Naturally, the longer patients wait before consulting, the more detailed the treatment plans will be, as the aging effect to be reversed is more significant. So, we believe that the best advice we can give is not to wait until the situation deteriorates too far before consulting, as some patients will become discouraged…

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