Body remodeling / Liposuction without surgery

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Several options are available on the market in order to get rid of the fat cells. You can eliminate fat using the following options ;

  1. Desoxycolic acid (injection in order to do lipolysis)
  2. Cold (cryolipolysis/ Coolsculpting)
  3. Heat (Accent Prime, Trusculpt, Venus Legacy)

It is important to explain to you why Dermaskin uses heat-based technology in order to do non-surgical liposuction. Actually, we have worked on this issue for a long time and are convinced that heat is the most effective way of obtaining very smooth results.

Actually, we need to remember liposuction used to be done without using a laser under the cannula. These are still available on the market, even though they are totally out-of-date. These liposuctions gave irregular and ‘lumpy’ effects. In fact, fat cells are actually rigid and extracting them purely mechanically, without softening them with heat, generally results in uneven surfaces.

Dermaskin has invested in a new liposuction device, BeautyFill by Alma Laser. This device was already approved in Europe several years ago and has now arrived in the United States. It combines the liposuction cannula which is inserted under the skin to extract the fat cells, with heat which is given off by the tip of the cannula in the form of a laser. So, this illustrates really well that we are absolutely convinced of the importance of working on a combination of fat and skin in the areas which require this. So, this is a foretaste, we should receive our Alma Laser in the next few months, as soon as Alma Laser receives approval from Health Canada.

As for technology which uses cold, we know that these work. They allow us to get rid of the fat, but it is the unevenness of the surfaces after treatment which worries us. In fact, cryotherapy does not tighten the skin and we know that the majority of patients have added lack of skin tone. For those who only have fat to get of and thick skin, treatment with cold may be envisaged.

For all those who do not want surgical liposuction, we offer technology which will get rid of fat and tighten the skin at the same time.

For those who want standard liposuction, we will soon offer the latest technology in this field, which will combine the benefits of laser treatment and liposuction.


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