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The height of the eyebrows is a result of the motor activity of the forehead muscles, the ‘frontal’ muscle. However, the skin covering the forehead gets longer and thinner over the years. It is possible to raise the eyebrows permanently by getting the forehead skin to contract.

Skin is an organ that will regenerate when it is exposed to enough heat. Thus, you need to treat this area in order to reposition the eyebrows. Blepharoplasty used to be the only way to reduce excess skin on the upper eyelids. Experience has now shown us that a younger and more dynamic appearance of the eyes comes not only from the quantity of tissue in the upper eyelid area. We have seen too many patients who had had tight blepharoplasties and low eyebrows which did not open up the eyes. So, before considering an upper blepharoplasty, you need to make sure that it will not be necessary to lift the frontal part of the face.

In order to lift the forehead without surgery, it is possible to use several technological devices. The choice will be made based on your skin type and the amount of work to do. In order to do this treatment, we can use the Ulthera, the Accent Prime, the RF Pixel Roller, the Trusculpt, the Pixel CO2, the Venus Legacy or the Venus Viva.

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