FACE and NECK lift

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This is Dermaskin’s specialty. Every year we invest in order to be and to remain number one in the industry. We achieve excellence because our technologies are used with the know-how and the expertise that we have developed working with you over the years.

Our faces age all over, and people will guess our age by looking at the whole face. So, it is by bringing all the elements of our face into harmony that we will be able to improve our appearance. The results of this harmony will be balance and perfection.

What you need to know is that skin regenerates when it is heated, and this is the case REGARDLESS OF THE AGE OF THE PATIENT… It is by raising the temperature to over 43 degrees Celsius that we can tighten the skin and make the skin appear younger.

It is important to decide to what depth we wish to heat. The results will differ depending on the depth at which we apply the heat. The older the patient, the more we need to work on all the layers of the skin to obtain the best result. Older patients can be treated and respond as well as, if not better than, younger patients. We can actually reach the regeneration phase more easily. But they will still require more work if they have ambitious objectives.

We can use several tools for a non-surgical facelift, and we will build your treatment plan using a combination of these tools.

To draw up a treatment plan for a non-surgical face-lift, we will begin by taking photos of you and looking at them with you. We will take 2D and 3D photos. The VECTRA XT and VISIA systems will help us to target our goals. When we have discussed your goals and your budget with you, we will decide on our plan of action TOGETHER.

Your financial constraints, the feasibility of you having a few days to recover and your expectations will be taken into consideration before proposing a treatment plan for you. Some patients decide to take it a step at one time and others prefer a more comprehensive plan right from the start.

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