LIP Augmentation

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Aging lips do not require the same approach as younger lips. In fact, younger and plumper lips may only require an increase in volume through dermal fillers. Whereas aging lips require a more global approach, as they are part of the whole harmony of the face. An approach which does not take this whole into account will produce sub-optimal results.

In the case of aging lips, it is important to bear in mind that they are supported by and linked to the surrounding skin. With aging, the skin loses its collagen and the lips are less firmly supported. The lips then appear thinner. In addition, the outer edges of the lips (the vermillion borders) lose definition as we age. We also see a loss in the size of the mouth opening, with the corners of the mouth coming closer to the center. Indeed, the cheeks lose tone over time, and this can make the mouth appear sadder, or pouting.

To improve the appearance of aging lips, we need to work on the surrounding structure which supports them. Even in younger patients, this is often the secret to obtaining a very natural result. So, we can decide together if it is necessary to combine the technology with fillers or to use technology alone or fillers alone. The best solution will be the one that best brings together your goals and our skills.

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