Reduction of a double CHIN

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Not all patients who are overweight have fat in the neck area. Some patients have fat build-ups in the area under the chin, and others may also have them in the neck area. We often see patients in consultation who have had liposuction in the under chin area and who are complaining about the residual slack skin. We also see this situation quite often in patients who were not well assessed before receiving deoxycholic acid treatments (BelKyra or KyBella). This demonstrates the importance of working on both fat reduction and also skin tone at the same time.

Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done before suggesting possible solutions is to fully assess the problem in order to find the right solution. We can sum up 3 main categories of patients who consult for issues in the neck area:

1. Fatty deposits under the chin and in the neck area

For these patients, liposuction, deoxycholic acid and our technologies can be appropriate solutions. Large quantities of fat are definitely best eliminated using liposuction. Patients often have difficulty assessing the slackness of the tissues and on a daily basis we correct their perception of the problem.

2. Slack skin with or without fatty build-up

This condition makes up the vast majority of our consultations. In fact, as patients begin aging, there is always an added element of slackness of the skin. It is even surprising for our customers to see to what extent working on the tonus of the skin of the face alone can have an impact on the neck area. Actually, patients are often surprised to find that their neck area looks better when we have only worked on the face. So, in consultations we often explain that in the case of loose skin, it is better to combine a face treatment and a neck treatment rather than working on the neck alone without tightening the skin above it.

3. Loose and very thin skin which causes wrinkles in the neck area

Finally, as patients get older or if their skin ages prematurely, they may have very thin skin in the neck area, which will build up at the base of the neck. In this case, the priority will be to give the skin density, and in some cases, surgery may even be envisaged. It is clear though that even if surgery is planned, we need to work on the skin thickness otherwise results from surgery will be very temporary.

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