HAIR loss (baldness)

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Hair loss is a problem which may stem form hormonal, hereditary and/or physical factors. Dr. Laflamme first of all assesses patients in order to decide whether a blood test is required to eliminate hormonal factors. Following this, medication can be prescribed in order to slow or to stop hair loss (monoxidil, finasteride).

These days a new procedure is used to stabilize hair loss and improve the quality of the hair : PRP, platelet-rich plasma. This technique enables hair to be densified in both men and women. PRP is totally natural and safe, because it uses growth factors present in your system to stimulate hair growth.

This procedure was developed in Switzerland in 2003. PRP has become a key procedure in treating baldness. It is now used after hair transplants to facilitate the survival of the transplanted hair, and also sometimes even before the transplant, to increase the quality of the donor area.

At Dermaskin, we are committed to always bringing you the best techniques and technology. With PRP, we have invested in the purchase of a FOTOFINDER, a microscopic imaging technique for the scalp. The FOTOFINDER allows us to clarify the diagnosis of the cause of hair loss. It also allows us to OBJECTIVELY quantify the effects of PRP on your hair. When you start a series of treatments at Dermaskin, we do an initial assessment and compare it to the assessment at the end of the treatment, in order to advise you on whether it is worth continuing to invest in the health of your hair.

Here is an example of a trichoscopy report which you can obtain at Dermaskin.

trichoscopy report