Rosacea and DARK SPOTS

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Photo rejuvenation using light pulsations (Intense Pulse Light, or IPL) can help with common skin problems and can be used for younger and older people.

  • Dark hyperpigmentation spots
  • Age spots
  • Acne rosacea
  • Broken veins and telangiectasias
  • Dilated pores

Even though light pulse treatments are easy to find on the open market, you should know that the results obtained are essentially down to the experience of your practician. During consultations, patients often ask us why we don’t offer this treatment repeatedly, as is the case everywhere else. In fact, usually our treatment plans include a single photo rejuvenation. At Dermaskin, Dr. Laflamme closely monitors the treatments and ensures that the settings of the machine are tailored to you for the best results.

When dark spots caused by the sun are too deep, we recommend that you combine light pulse treatment with a SCITON Micro Laser Peel treatment for best results.

For patients with darker skin, it is often more difficult to work on dark spots. Patients with melasma are also exceptions, and they require personalized consultations.

For large telangiectasias, we may need to use more power with the Yag laser by Cutera. We also use the Yag laser for cases of cherry angiomas, spider angiomas or birthmarks (port wine stains).

In cases of large areas of redness, sometimes several treatments with SCITON BBL are required. Usually a single treatment is not sufficient.

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