Permanent Hair Removal

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Treatment overview

  • Side Effects (post treatment)

    Possible redness for a few hours

  • Procedure time

    15 to 45 minutes

  • Discomfort / Anesthetics


  • Treated areas

    Anywhere on the body

  • Number of required sessions

    8 to 12

  • Recovery time


Dermaskin is proud to offer you permanent hair removal using the Lightsheer Duet technology. With this device, procedures are shorter, which is very practical when you are having treatment on large areas. The Lightsheer Duet is also a model which makes hair removal treatment relatively comfortable.

 Permanent hair removal with Dermaskin is not only done using a very effective machine, it is also done at very competitive prices.

How does the Lightsheer Duet laser work?

The Lightsheer Duet is a safe Diode laser, which removes hair in confort. Suction helps to direct the energy, which can reduce discomfort. No local anesthesia is required. The other handheld part of the device, the ET™ part, is fitted with ChillTip® cooling technology. The ET™ part allows the treatment of smaller areas.

How does the Soprano ICE laser work?

Soprano Ice is also a safe Diode laser based on SHR ™ technology. The Soprano laser allows two working modes including a stationary and moving to accommodate the regions to be depilated.

One of the interesting points that distinguishes this technology is its ability to treat all types of skin including tanned skin throughout the year.

What happens during a hair removal session using a Duet laser?

You will be told to come to your session with your skin fully shaved. The fact that we don’t need to shave the skin just before the treatment reduces discomfort. For the treatment, you will lie down and be provided with glasses to protect your eyes. When the Lightsheer Duet laser is active, you will feel the suction from the hand-held device and  a mild sensation of heat.

How many sessions are required?

We recommend treatments lasting 6 to 8 weeks. Usually. 10 sessions bring pilosity under control.

The free initial consultation with one of our medical technicians will allow us to assess if permanent hair removal is suitable for you.