Permanent Hair Removal

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Treatment overview

  • Side Effects (post treatment)

    Possible redness for a few hours

  • Procedure time

    15 to 45 minutes

  • Discomfort / Anesthesia


  • Treated areas

    Anywhere on the body

  • Number of sessions required

    8 to 12

  • Recovery time


Dermaskin is proud to offer you a permanent hair removal with the LightSheer DUET product, as well as with the latest technology from Alma Lasers: Soprano ICE. Thanks to these tools, treatments are now shorter, which is truly interesting when large areas are treated. The LightSheer DUET and Soprano ICE are also great role models that make hair removal treatments more comfortable.

Dermaskin’s permanent epilation doesn’t only fall back on tools that are really effective and comfortable, but who are also offered at the best price. Our clinic has made the acquisition of the Soprano ICE this year (2019) in order to satisfy a larger array of customers. Indeed, this technology allows us to not only treat pale skins, but also skins that have a darker pigmentation, unlike the LightSheer DUET. Obviously, we offer it at the same competitive price.

How does the LightSheer DUET laser work?

The LightSheer DUET is a safe diode laser that removes hair in a comfortable manner. A suction assists the energy deployment, which allows to alleviate discomfort. No topical anesthetic is required. The second handpiece of the device, the ET™ piece, is equipped with the ChillTip® cooling technology. It allows the treatment of smaller areas.

How does the Soprano ICE laser work?

The Soprano ICE is also a safe diode laser, which is based on the SHR™ technology. The Soprano laser offers two operating modes, stationary and moving, in order to accommodate different depilation areas.

One of the interesting aspects that singles out this technology is its opportunity to handle all skin types, including tanned skins all year long.

How does a hair removal session with the DUET/Soprano laser unfold?

It is recommended to show up for the treatment with a well-shaved skin. The fact if not shaving the skin immediately before the treatment will make it more irritating. For the session, you are laying down and goggles protect your eyes.

LightSheer DUET:
When the LightSheer DUET laser is activated, you feel the suction of the handpiece and a slight warmth.

Soprano ICE:
Unlike the DUET, the Soprano laser requires only a minimal touch with your skin. You’ll feel a slight warmth that will fade quickly enough due to the constant motion of the technician on the treated area (continuous sweeping movement).

How many sessions are required?

Treatments each 6 to 8 weeks are suggested. Generally speaking, 10 treatments allow a satisfying regulation of hairiness.

The free initial consultation alongside our medical technicians will allow us to evaluate if you’re a suitable candidate for permanent hair removal.