Filler agents

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Treatment overview

  • Side Effects (post treatment)

    Possible bruising

  • Procedure time

    15 to 30 minutes

  • Discomfort / Anesthesia

    Anesthetic cream for 30 minutes if desired

  • Treated areas

    Face and hands

  • Number of sessions required

    once every 12-18 months

  • Recovery time


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At Dermaskin, Dr. Laflamme gives all the injections, to ensure that you have a skilled person for the treatment. A natural-looking result is a priority for us, and for our patients. However, what may be natural for one person is not necessarily so for the next person. Dr. Laflamme values the importance of fully understanding patients’ requests during consultations.

She then uses her assessment skills and her injection technique to complete the treatment. If they are done well, the injections are a wonderful way of achieving a more youthful look. Many patients, men and women, have already had these injections without you realizing. Unfortunately, you will only notice when the result does not look natural.

What is the difference between botulinus toxin and fillers?

Most patients don’t know the difference between botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid-based filling agents. These filling agents, commonly known as “fillers” are complex sugars which are injected to fill in wrinkles and to give volume. They can be used on different areas of the face, but can also give hands and cleavage a more youthful appearance in some cases. They help to bring back the convex appearance of the lines of your face.

With Botox, the muscles are injected in order to relax them, this gives the face a more rested and younger appearance and avoids expression lines becoming permanent.

What is a hyaluronic acid-based filling agent?

Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar which is naturally present in the human body. This substance is already used in medicine to inject aging joints to improve lubrication. The filling agents used at Dermaskin are all reversible and can be reabsorbed by the body.


What are the clinical indications for filling agents?

Filling agents are used in order to restructure and to restore volume to the face. With age, we lose skin collagen and roundness in some areas, which can make us look tired and reveals our age. Filler products allow us to get back the convex lines of your face. With these products, we can also restore volume to lips and give a more youthful appearance.

How many treatment sessions are required?

In a single session, several syringes of filler agent may be required to achieve the desired effect. However, at Dermaskin we know that you want natural-looking results more than anything. In order to be sure to achieve the look you want, it is better to do the treatment gradually. You should also be aware that during the session, Dr. Laflamme will ask you to look at how the restructuring is going so that you can give your opinion.

Which filling agents does Dermaskin offer?

Juvéderm collection (Allergan)
               Ultra XC
               Ultra Plus XC

Teosyal collection
               Redensity 1
               Redensity 2
               Utra Deep
               Global Action
               Deep Lines
               Touch Up

Belotero collection (Merz Pharma) 
               Belotero SOFT
               Belotero BALANCE
               Belotero INTENSE
               Belotero VOLUME

Radiesse (Merz Pharma)