Dermaskin MesoPLUS

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We were responsible for creating this procedure, which allows the effects of ‘micro needling’ and the ‘vampire facelift’ to be maximized. It is actually a magnified version of both of these treatments!

The Dermaskin MesoPLUS is an innovative concept which allows the zones which only require light fillers, like the mouth and eye area, to be filled. What’s more, this procedure enables us to maximize tissue regeneration.

At Dermaskin, Dr. Laflamme works every day to find innovative solutions to meet all your requests, which are getting more and more specific. Thus, with this technique, we combine profractional energy, be it CO2, the Venus Viva or the Pixel RF, in order to make nano perforations in the skin.

We could also use the « U225 » injector to do this, but there is no point in missing out on the energy which the heat gives off… Therefore, after having made micro perforations in your skin, we apply a mixture of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) and hyaluronic acid. Then this mixture is ‘pushed’ inside the micro perforations using technology called the Impact Alma Laser. The Impact uses ultrasound waves in order to guide our mixture, which fills and stimulates the skin over a long period.