Accent IMPACT with PRP

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ULTHERA ET TRUSCULPT COUThis Alma Laser device allows us to inject ultrasounds using a very precise tip. The Impact is mainly used on skin which has already had micro perforations made in it. This technology allows the skin to be warmed up with ultrasounds. Its main benefit is to enable a chosen molecule to penetrate deep below the skin by injecting it into the micro perforations.

At Dermaskin, the Impact is often used to push either your PRP, or hyaluronic acid, or even a blend of PRP and Hyaluronic acid into the skin. Liquid vitamins, or even cortisone, may also be used if required.

The extremely precise tip of this innovative device allows non-focused ultrasound technology to be used on some smaller areas, such as the upper and lower eyelids, the lips, or even small acne scars.