Trusculpt Treatment

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Treatment overview

  • Side Effects (post treatment)

    Minor redness possible for 24 hours

  • Procedure time

    20 to 60 minutes

  • Discomfort / Anesthesia


  • Treated areas

    Face, neck, hands, stomach, legs, arms

  • Number of sessions required

    1 to 3

  • Recovery time


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The Trusculpt by Cutera is a monopolar radiofrequency that is applied using a handpiece which is 40 cm squared. This device can reach a temperature up to 45. This temperature enables the breakdown of adipose cells. The Cutera Trusculpt is a comfortable procedure which, as well as targeting fat cells, can make skin firmer. You need to bear in mind that when we aim to reduce the circumference of an area, it is very important to firm up the skin also. At Dermaskin, we only use devices which work using heat, as you should never underestimate the importance of the skin tightness.